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Step 1 ... Assess

We believe that all improvement processes must begin with measurement and so measurement lies at the base of all of the services that we offer. And because we are in the business of providing customized solutions, we must get to know our clients' needs. We cannot improve what we cannot measure. To accurately diagnose our client situation, we identify and understand its critical factors and root causes. We do this by using a variety of assessment techniques, as well as appropriate internationally- branded assessment instruments.

Our Assessment Services

We provide assessment services and assessment instruments/tools in three areas critical for development: organizational or business assessment, professional career assessment and personal assessment.

A. Organizational and Business Assessments
Do you know how well your business/organization is doing overall? How do you know for sure which areas need improvement? To give you reliable data to work from, we provide the following types of assessment services:

Organizational and Business Audits

  • Organizational or Business Effectiveness Assessment Surveys

  • Organizational/Business Culture Survey

  • Organizational/Business Leadership Survey

  • Training Needs Assessment

  • 360 Feedback

    If appropriate, we can provide additional business audits in a number of non-financial areas such as: business identity, business strategy, customer satisfaction, productivity, and quality.

    For more information regarding the audits we provide, contact us at info@rmaselli-associates.com

    B. Business or Organizational Assessment Centers
    In tough economic times, you can not afford to hire or promote the wrong person. Mistakes cost money, time and lost productivity. We know that traditional job interviews have not proven to be very accurate predictors (approximately 14%, Smith 1988) of success on the job. Assessment centers offer much more reliable, comprehensive and objective assessment of candidates' skills and potential. They are better predictors of on the job performance with a success rate of 63% (Smith 1988).

    Customized Assessment Centers
    We will set up and manage for you customized assessment centers. These assessment centers can be used for recruitment or for promotion purposes. Most assessment centers used for recruitment are one day in length. Assessment centers used for promotion and development can be two or three days in length depending on whether career development planning is included.

    You can use assessment centers to

  • recruit and identify the best external candidates for key positions.

  • identify those internal candidates who have most potential for promotion.

  • Identify your "star" potentials

    Candidates are put into work simulations and go through a series of exercises where they resolve problems or deal with situations individually and as part of a group. Some exercises are oral, and some are in writing. They can be run in English or Arabic. With your input, we can include interviews and individual assessment tests in this process. We can test standard core competencies or adapt the exercises to fit your core competencies. The minimum number of candidates required for a center is six.

    We use specially trained, external teams of assessors to give you unbiased, reliable and comprehensive reports in English or Arabic which are user-friendly. Since assessment center results cannot be faked, you will have reliable data to use to make those critical employee "placement" decisions.

    Assessment center results can be used for:

  • Job placement

  • Job transfers

  • Promotion

  • Talent identification

  • Manager development planning

  • Succession planning

    Customized two or three-day assessment centers include some focused training, career development and an individual de-briefing session for each participant with a trained assessor.

    Standard Assessment Centers
    These centers are run on the same concept as the customized ones, but they are run on an established schedule for the public. Professionals, independent of where they work, can choose to be a part of these centers and find out their level of management skills as well as their potential for promotion. Companies may also choose to send an individual candidate for assessment. Centers will be run at the junior and middle level for managers. There is no customization. The core competencies assessed are generic ones that are generally considered valuable in any business/organizational setting.

    C. Individual Career Assessments
    To further your career, we offer you individualized, brand-name assessment instruments administered by trained personnel. Many of them can be taken on-line. They are designed to evaluate the following:

  • People interaction skills

  • Conflict resolution skills

  • Personality type

  • Career interests

  • Personal career potential

  • Personality behavior in the workplace

  • Career satisfaction

  • Team player style

  • Team management skills

  • organizational skills

  • Leadership development and selection

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Learning style

    D. Personal Assessments
    To enhance your satisfaction with your personal life, we offer individualized, brand-name assessment instruments administered by trained personnel. Many of them can be taken on-line. They are designed to evaluate the following:

  • Sleep habits

  • Relationship satisfaction

  • Marriage relations

  • Anxiety

  • Partner suitability

  • Brain type

  • Work-life balance

  • Stress

  • Assertiveness

  • Anger management

  • Self-esteem

  • Personality traits

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