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Steps 2 and 3 ... Design and Implement

Once we have assessed our client's position and needs using the appropriate measuring tools, we begin to design interventions or programs to bring about appropriate solutions and a strategic plan to get our clients to where they want to go. When the right strategies have been chosen, when adequate resources are available, when there is sufficient support for the change initiative, then the implementation process can begin.

A. Our Organizational/Business Development Center

Strategic Organizational/Business Development

Using the results of the organizational/business effectiveness audits, we will provide you with the feedback and services necessary to:

  • Align your mission, values and core competencies with your company policies and procedures.
  • Align your business/organizational processes with your overall strategic plan or with your particular action plans
  • Release the overall potential of people working in the organization.
  • Identify factors that enable managers and decision makers to understand how their organizations work.
  • Develop integrated HR solutions based on numerical measures, reliable enough to take the necessary actions to develop organizational performance, and/or to solve chronic problems.
  • Align organization' s reality with its mission, vision and strategy.
  • Align employee values with company values.
  • Develop organizational loyalty and citizenship.
  • Align corporate performance according to numerically measured factors.
  • Consolidate or modify managers' perception of their organizations' strengths and weaknesses, in addition to understanding the cause and effect of each impact factor.
  • Confirm the degree of compatibility between assessed individuals and assessed working conditions.
  • Create a comprehensive organizational profile, connecting performance determinants with their causes and effects, which can be used as an effective managing tool.

    Using the results of the organizational/business culture assessment, we will provide you with the services necessary to:

  • Develop a strategic plan for moving your business/organizational culture to the desired culture for a company of your size, in your market and in your particular sector.
  • Benchmark your organization/business culture against other cultures in similar environments internationally
  • Administer the survey to various departments/ divisions or work groups to examine the organization/business sub-cultures
  • Develop an implementation plan for new organizational/business initiatives.
  • Incorporate existing employee opinion surveys to add value and impact
  • Understand your organization's existing culture and predict its impact on performance.
  • Implement suggested action steps for tangible performance improvements.
  • Isolate organizational/business development and training needs necessary for culture change.

    Using the results of the training needs assessment, we will provide you with the services to:

  • Develop a focused and organizationally responsive training program designed to maximize your ROI.
  • Develop a strategic staff development plan aligned with your strategic goals
  • Review an existing staff appraisal system for internal alignment
  • Design and implement a new appraisal system to include the training component
  • Measure and improve the impact of your training program

    Using the results of the leadership audit, we will provide you with the services to:

  • Develop your leadership team in alignment with your strategic plan
  • Align your leadership team with your strategic plan
  • Develop an effective succession plan

    Other Related HR Services

    Talent Management

    We are equipped to set up a complete talent management system for you including:

    Talent Identification

  • Reviewing the alignment of your mission, values and core competencies
  • Checking for alignment between your recruiting process and your core competencies and values.
  • Reviewing your organizational structure and key positions for success.
  • Developing a process for talent identification of your employees.

    Talent Management

  • Developing a retention program for holding on to your company talent.
  • Selecting a software program for efficient talent management.

    Succession Planning

  • Identifying what type of succession planning fits your organization
  • Developing a succession management system

    If you already have a talent management system, we can offer you specific services to review and enhance any of the above.

    B. Our Professional Career Center

    We offer a full range of services for those who want to change careers, those who want to develop their career paths and for those who want to prepare themselves for promotion opportunities.

  • Counseling - private sessions to identify your career goals, your skills, your interests, your development needs, your career possibilities; special sessions designed for women executives
  • Self-assessment - you are guided to discover your strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Assessment - selection of the most appropriate professional and personal assessment instruments for your goals
  • Managerial Profile - your skills and levels of proficiency will be presented in a standardized report using specific benchmarks for generic competencies.
  • Individualized development plan - you will develop with a counselor both a short term and a strategic action plan for your professional development for the next 3-5 years.
  • Coaching/specialized training - customized coaching to target your specific areas of development on a one-on-one or small group basis; special sessions designed for women executives are available.
  • Portfolio Development - to market yourself, you will develop an attractive, professional portfolio which will include a cover letter, CV or resume, letters of testimonial, work samples, accomplishments etc.
  • Image Development - you will be guided in developing a personal style of dressing, grooming and communicating that breathes success; special sessions designed for women executives are available.

    Specific Client Services

    Assessment Services

    Design and Implementation Services

    Measurement Services

    Career Counselling Services