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Our strategy can be summed up in four steps:

Step1. Assess & Step 2. Design & Step 3. Implement & Step 4. Measure

Assess: At RitaMaselli & Associates, we believe that all improvement processes must begin with measurement. Measurement lies at the base of all of our services. We cannot improve what we cannot measure. And because we are in the business of providing customized solutions, we get to know our clients' needs first.

Design: Once we have assessed our clients? position and needs using the appropriate measuring tools, we design appropriate interventions or programs and a strategic plan to get our clients to where they want to go.

Implement: When the right strategies have been chosen, when adequate resources are available and when there is sufficient support for the change initiative, then the implementation begins. Effective implementation is critical to getting the desired results. When the implementation has been done effectively, then there will be visible results.

Measure: But how do we know that there has been "real" improvement? And how do we find out how much actual improvement has been made? The answer is to measure the results. Because we assessed our client? s position before designing and implementing the solution, and because we had defined the specific goals to be achieved, then by using the appropriate measuring tools, we can determine how close we have come to our targets. We do not use a "one-size-fits-all" measurement tool. We customize the measurement tools to the nature and scope of each project. The criteria to be used for the evaluation of project results are part of the project proposal and agreement.

This is the standard process that we use:

1. Brief: After meeting with the client, write a clear brief of what the client wants to achieve and why. Define clear outputs and outcomes.

2. Research: Get to know client needs through asking relevant questions and reading appropriate policies and documentation.

3. Proposal: Submit a detailed proposal containing:

  • Objectives to achieve

  • Methods we will use

  • Investment client will be asked to make

  • Proposed timetable

  • What the client can expect for his investment: our deliverables

  • Why we think the client should choose to work with us

4. Agreement: Sign an agreement which is:

  • Transparent

  • Shared

  • Likely to achieve desired outcomes