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Rita Maselli, PhD - Managing Director/Senior Consultant
Dr. Rita has lived and worked in North America, Latin America, the West Indies and the Middle East. She is very aware of the role of national culture on management styles and the specific effects of business culture on employees and their productivity. She is able to integrate sound theoretical knowledge with real work experience thanks to her strong academic qualifications (PhD in Management and Administration, MA in Leadership and Supervision) and her many years of experience in international management. Her first-hand international experience in the private sector as well as in not-for-profit sector at different levels of management including that of board member has given her a "big picture" view and understanding of how organizations work. Dr. Rita keeps current by doing research and also teaching in MBA programs in Egypt in courses such as: Human Resources Management, Business Organizations, Change Management, Organizational Behavior and Change, Gender Management, Strategic Planning, Creative Leadership for Sustainable Business Growth.

Dr. Rita has hands-on experience managing international private educational organizations in the Latin American area and spent two years as the assistant superintendent of a large international institution in Egypt. She has successfully led schools through the accreditation process and was a member of a number of accreditation teams for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Dr. Rita believes that applying quick fixes to business "problems" is misleading and usually non-productive in the long run. Sustainable solutions must be integrated into the culture of the company, aligned with business or organizational processes and must be strategic in outlook.

Mohamed Maher, MBA - Senior Consultant/Partner
Mohamed's background in engineering is responsible for his highly analytical style to problem-solving. In addition, his interest and expertise in statistical analysis has given him a keen sense of what needs to be measured and how it should be measured. He has received training in the area of assessment of organizational and business effectiveness and has a strong passion for it. Mohamed has worked in Eastern Europe and some parts of Africa as well as Egypt. This first-hand experience in international environments has allowed him to see up close the effect of culture on business results. Mohamed believes that human resources is the only asset that affects every facet of an organization's life and therefore, its overall effectiveness. He stands by the saying "it is never the people & it is the system". He believes that assessing the system must be the first step before taking any action. Mohamed has developed a survey instrument adapted to the local culture which measures organizational performance effectiveness, the OPES 60+. For more information regarding this assessment or any other contact us at info@rmaselli-asssociates.com

Dr. Mosaab Abdel Raouf, Senior Consultant
A graduate of the Cairo University Faculty of Dentistry, Dr. Mosaab has put his medical knowledge to work with multinationals in the sector of pharmaceuticals as well as medical equipment and supplies. He spent many years in the area of sales and as marketing manager with Johnson & Johnson Medical and Boston Scientific Incorporated, both in Egypt and the Middle East. He has particular expertise in Marketing and Sales Management for Cardio, Neuro and Endo-vascular lines. In the last few years he has branched out into marketing and sales in the real estate development sector both in Egypt and the Gulf area.

He has first-hand experience in the strategic functions of marketing such as business development, human resources training and development as well as strategic planning, with special emphasis on the practical perspectives of every day business operations. Dr. Mosaab has a special interest in and talent for working with young graduates and developing them into effective salespeople as well as awakening their potential to become efficient managers and eventually industry leaders.

Hanan Mikhail Youssef, MBA - Senior Consultant
Originally a pharmacist, Hanan worked for many years in the pharmaceutical sector with different companies in both product and market research management as well as straight sales and marketing. She received her MBA with a specialization in marketing. She went on to specialize in the area of project management, working in the not-for-profit sector. With a background and interest in statistics, Six Sigma and Total Quality Management, she brings varied experiences in the critical areas of project design, implementation and monitoring and evaluation. Hanan brings a TQM perspective to the RMA team and so influences all aspects of our services and products. She currently lectures at the MBA program in the areas of "Strategic Marketing Management", "Marketing Communications & Leadership" and "Strategic Management".

Project Responsibility:
Our senior staff members are directly responsible for all projects. When working on a project for which we need additional or different expertise, we draw on our pool of free-lance local and international consultants and put together project teams that include the particular knowledge and skill sets required for successful achievement of our client's goals.