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By aligning or re-aligning your vital Management and HR processes, we will help you identify your critical areas of strength and those needing improvement, consolidate your resources and streamline your processes so that you will get the best return on your investment.

We are specialized in organizational effectiveness and assessment as well as managerial assessment. We can work with you in the areas of recruiting, promoting, and maybe these days even more important, retaining your best talent. These three HR areas have a direct impact on your ability to compete in the market and to improve your overall productivity. In this climate of economic downturn, resources are scarce. Mistakes can be costly and potentially dangerous to your company's or organization's future. Now is the time to use methodologies that have proven themselves. Now is the time to consolidate your processes. Now is the time to invest in your talent pool and retain your "stars" so that when the recession is over, you will be well positioned to successfully compete in the market or to develop your organizational potential.

In addition, we offer a full spectrum of professional services for career professionals or managers who want to become more marketable or who want to make themselves ready for promotion to key or top positions.

Type of Service

Business Uses

Web-Solutions Available


. Screening for hiring
. Screening for internal high
. Identifying training needs
. Making promotion decisions
. Succession planning
. Testing language ability

. Identifying your leaders

. Measuring employee engagement

Role-Fit Survey, CAT®
Role-Fit Survey®

Role-Fit Survey®
Role-Fit Survey®
Role-Fit Survey Bright®
Literacy & Language Testing Platform®
Behaviorally-based Leadership Assessment®


. Measuring the effectiveness of your
. Identifying productive employee
. Measuring manager competencies

Denison Organizational Culture Survey


. Creating organization-wide core
. Developing Business Unit or
  Business Function Technical
. Creating competency-based job
. Competency mapping of individual
  employees or positions

Role Fit Survey®

Role-Fit Survey®


. Creating customized training
. Providing face-to-face, competency-
  based customized training
. Providing web-based learning

Easy Learn Global Catalog®


. College students advising
. Career paths for professionals
. Changing careers

A number of on-line psychometric instruments

We are proud to partner with Epic Software, a Canadian leader in HR management software. Together, we bring you customized, HR Solutions which are web-based, cost-effective and user-friendly. As Organizational Effectiveness experts, EPIC Software Corporation focuses on one thing - helping clients become more profitable by reducing costs associated with workforce planning, management and development. This suite of web-enabled workforce automation tools, custom software design & implementation methodology services assist clients to become more profitable and lower their capital and operational costs by leveraging their previous investments in people, processes, documentation and technology.

For more detailed information regarding our specific client services, see Specific Client Services.

Specific Client Services

Assessment Services

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